Clown Dodo

The magic of nonverbal clownery

Warm-hearted, interactive comedy

Dodo creates an enchanting world without words where surprising things happen. He welcomes children and children at heart to join in. Dodo combines slapstick comedy, mime and circus art in a funny way. The audience might get a chance to assist Dodo in mysterious circus acts. Anything is possible on this thrillingly hilarious journey!

Dodo can perform indoors and outdoors in venues such as festivals, theaters, schools, cabarets etc.

The show runs for 15-45 minutes depending on the occasion.

Besides Finland, Dodo has performed in Japan, Russia, Switzerland, Spain, Great Britain and Lithuania.

What the press has said:

�Full-blooded clownery. This is a rare delicacy!�
– Helsingin Sanomat 27.4.2003

”Time flies in Dodo`s company.”
– Hufvudstadsbladet 25.4.2003

2Dodo`s clown act raises the roof with laughter.”
– Ilta-Sanomat 12.11.1997

”His show is truly enchanting. Dodo is a natural. A true anti-hero in a mystical, magical wonderworld.”
– Keskisuomalainen 8.3.1999

”Dodo conjures up warm laughter.”
– Länsi-Savo 17.3.2000

Dodo TV serial will run on Finnish TV (TV2) starting from 27th of September 2007

Contact information:
Jari Siljamäki
Tuohitie 10
40320 Jyväskylä